Favors Preserving South Park Site

Easton Courier on August 29, 2015
To the Editor:

I believe that there are many reasons why the Town of Easton should not allow development on the South Park Avenue property.

First, it is our responsibility to preserve the quality of life that we value in Easton, principally our clean air and healthy environment. We love our farms, our walking trails and the natural areas (i.e. Trout Brook, the preserves and parks) that grace our community.

Preserving South Park Avenue means that we are helping to protect the open space that is so important to our health and our way of life. We are also protecting the land along the Mill River, which in turn helps protect against flooding.

I have read the figures in regard to tax benefits of Sacred Heart and Jewish Senior Services (formerly the Jewish Home for the Elderly) proposals. But, I would like to focus on the latter. I consider leaving the property as open space in the long run safeguards our tax rates!

First, the protected property would not require a change in the zoning laws, which, if passed could lead to a demand for other large developments.

Preserved open space will never produce the need for public services that (in the future) could increase our taxes.

Secondly, the Jewish Senior Services project requires sewer hookup. Not only the cost in dollars, but also the potential cost to our environment is of unknown consequence.

Finally I hope that the non-development (or development) of the South Park Avenue property will never become a political issue and that I am correct in thinking that Easton voters, if given the chance, will (overwhelmingly) approve continuing the protection of the Mill River, and open spaces.

For no amount of money will ever match the investment of protecting our land for future generations.

Janet P. Gordon

Delaware Road

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