Documents: Saddle Ridge Application

Current Saddle Ridge Development Documents:
– Easton Health Department letter regarding the Saddle Ridge application; many concerns noted, including:
“…The proposed subdivision is calling for 1 acre lots with both a septic system and an onsite private well. We are concerned that the water quantity may not be available to serve such a dense development. There are property owners in the vicinity of the development who have chosen to drill a second well due to insufficient water quantity. The developer must provide an answer to the question – will there be adequate water quantity to serve this development? Because of the density of the development it will be difficult, if not impossible, to drill additional wells on the individual lots and meet all code requirements.” Letter in its entirety: Easton Health Department, 11/21/16

– January 3, 2017 letter regarding Saddle Ridge/Conservation: “This is a follow up to my letter to you dated November 18, 2016 regarding the latest Saddle Ridge development proposal. As noted before, the Conservation/Inland Wetlands Agency (“Conservation”) has yet to render an opinion due to the lack of receiving a formal application from the developers. The developers continue to claim that there is no new wetland impact and therefore the 2014 Conservation permit remains valid. However, until we know the extent of the regulated activities we cannot determine their impact.  This issue was last discussed at our meeting on November 15, 2016 which prompted my letter referred to above.” Letter in its entirety.

– Connecticut Fund for the Environment letter excerpt: “The longstanding public policy of the State of Connecticut is to protect public water supplies and to discourage high impact development in public water supply watersheds. It is explicit state policy to “preserve and protect water supply watershed lands…[and] to prevent contamination of water supply sources or reduction in the availability of future water supplies….” Likewise, the Legislature has charged municipal zoning boards, including the Commission, to consider “the protection of existing and potential public surface and ground drinking water supplies” in carrying out their official duties. Similarly, the state Office of Policy and Management’s State Conservation and Development Plan for 2013-2018 places prime emphasis on the need to “protect and ensure the integrity of environmental assets critical to public health and safety.” Saddle Ridge’s proposed development is akin to the proverbial pig that finds itself in the parlor rather than the barnyard: a thing that is all well and good in and of itself but simply located in the wrong place. As such, the Commission should take into account the invaluable worth of a clean public water supply for the current and future residents of Easton and greater Fairfield County and reject Saddle Ridge’s proposal.” 
Letter in its entirety: Connecticut Fund for the Environment, 12/21/16

Previous Saddle Ridge Development Application:
Connecticut Superior Court decision had UPHELD Easton’s Planning and Zoning denial of Saddle Ridge.
Decision in its entirety: Judge Berger Decision_January 2016