On  Monday December 5, 2022 there will be a Town Meeting  to approve the language of the Conservation Restriction placed on the South Park Property by the Town legislature at the Town Meeting  on May 31, 2022. The verbiage already approved by the legislature reads as follows:

Subsequent to this meeting, there will be a referendum vote by the town  on December 13, 2022 , to approve the language of the Conservation Restriction.  

Link here to the Town Website to read the Conservation Restriction document upon which we will be voting or Click below:

CITIZENS FOR EASTON IS STRONGLY IN FAVOR OF THIS DOCUMENT. It will finally preserve the entire Town-owned South park property into perpetuity.

Mark your calendars….Our ever-popular Farm Tour coming soon…..


Approximately 19 acres were purchased by the Aspetuck Land Trust. The remaining approx. 11 acres will be deeded with a permanent conservation easement approved by Town Meeting May 31, 2022. (Below)

Congratulations to all the Eastonites who worked together to make this happen!




Municipal Affordable Housing Plan-Public Meeting -Monday March 28, 2022 6:00 to 7:30

Municipal Affordable Housing Plans: PA 21-29 establishes an initial deadline of June 1, 2022 for municipalities to have adopted their first Affordable Housing Plans (and every five years thereafter) as required by CGS Section 8-30j.. It also explicitly allows Affordable Housing Plans to be updated concurrently with the Plan of Conservation & Development.

As per Section 8-30j,  Such plan shall specify how the municipality intends to increase the number of affordable housing developments in the municipality.

If you wish to have input on this most important issue, please attend or send an email.


Dear CFE member:

As you know, one of our primary objectives is to protect the public drinking water supply.

Easton’s three acre zoning areas were designed to do just that. Less density is the safest way to protect the water.

Section 8-30g of the Connecticut General Statutes,  overides zoning by allowing high density development in the watershed as long as the Developer sets aside 30% of the units as deed restricted Affordable Housing. CFE is not against Affordable Housing, but we are against any high-density development on the watershed that impacts the public’s health and safety.

We have the opportunity to amend this Statue to exempt watershed lands, and we are imploring our Leadership to do that by proposing a bill to amend the Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Act – Connecticut General Statutes, Section 8-30g   by inserting the language “or is located in the watershed of a public drinking water supply reservoir;”  into Subsection (g) (2) (A).

This simple language addition will protect the State’s precious public water supply watersheds -our most precious natural resource

This is the letter we are sending to Tony Hwang-our state senator-

Please see the letters we sent to Senator Hwang accompanying our email.

If you feel as we do, the time to communicate with our leadership is now.


Citizens for Easton

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CFE Farm Tour Draws Enthusiastic Crowds

PUBLISHED ON by Jane Paley and photos by Tomas Koeck

The weather was iffy as volunteers set up at the Morehouse Park pavilion on the Samuel Staples Elementary School campus Saturday morning. But the skies cleared in time for an estimated 300 arriving families to enjoy the 12th annual Citizens for Easton Farm Tour.

Before setting off on self-guided tours of the participating farms and historical sites, many families lingered to watch the fun and games and sip the lemonade that Joel Silkoff and his Easton Community Center staff had arranged for the younger set. Families also enjoyed snapping photos of their little ones atop the Haller family’s vintage tractor and beside the hay bales provided by Pond View Farm.

Master gardener Carol Hamilton and master composter Alpheus “Alph” Winter were on hand to answer questions and do demonstrations for more than 50 curious visitors. Members of the Easton Garden Club treated 80 young people to mini-lessons on how to grow sunflowers, and each received a potted sunflower to grow at home. The seedlings were donated by Sal Gilbertie. To help beat the heat, Adrienne Burke, owner of Greiser’s Coffee and Market, donated watermelon wedges.

Farm Tour visitors picked up maps and vied for prizes in CFE’s free drawing.

There was a free prize drawing and the lucky winners received gift certificates for farm goodies and one winner, a hand-blown glass heart paperweight created and donated by Jason Curtis.

Brittany Conover, who manages Shaggy Coos Farm said, “It was so great to see so many new and old faces and share our passion for agriculture. We love working with other local businesses and had a great time with Veracious Brewery. Looking forward to future farm tours!”

Corn hole contests and other games for kids were organized by Joel Silkoff and his ECC staff.

The honey at the Golden Pond Apiary, including mead for the grownups, went fast. Owner Howland Blackiston engaged in conversations with the many visitors who came for tastings and a chance to see his bees in action.

The Caprese salad sandwiches were a big favorite at Sherwood Farm: heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil on country bread with a splash of olive oil.

The Haller family tractor is a traditional spot for photo ops at the CFE Annual Farm Tour.

The Farm Tour is hosted every year by Citizens for Easton, an organization devoted to local preservation and conservation efforts and committed to promoting agricultural and farm-friendly activities.

All photos: Tomas Koeck

Get Ready for Citizens for Easton’s Annual Farm Tour!

PUBLISHED ON by Jane Paley

Free Self-Guided Tour Begins at SSES Pavilion Saturday, Aug. 14 at 10 a.m.

The 12th Annual Farm Tour hosted by Citizens for Easton is expected to draw lots of visitors to celebrate Easton’s farms and farmers. The event highlights Easton’s agricultural traditions and celebrates local farmers’ valuable contributions to the community.

A map of participating farms and sites will be distributed on Saturday, Aug. 14 at the Samuel Staples Elementary School pavilion, 515 Morehouse Road, Easton, Conn. Map holders will receive free treats at many of the venues.

Photo ops abound at the 12th Annual CFE Farm Tour on Saturday, Aug. 12.

Activities for visitors of all ages will be held at the pavilion beginning at 10 a.m. From 10 until noon, children’s games will be led by Easton Community Center’s facility director Joel Silkoff and the ECC staff.

Also at the pavilion, the Easton Garden Club will provide a flower-planting event for amateur gardeners of all ages, who will be able to pot sunflower seedlings and take them home to grow. Master Gardeners & Composters and the Easton Courier will also host the events there.

Abby LePage (right), a longtime Garden Club member, will share sunflower-growing tips at the CFE farm tour again this year. The seeds are donated by Sal Gilbertie.

The Farm Tour free prize drawings, a relatively new addition to the event, will include gift certificates from local farms and businesses.

In addition to the farms, the Adams Schoolhouse will be open to the public. For times, consult map. Free goodies at Greiser’s Coffee and Market will be offered to map holders.

This year the self-guided tour includes 14 stops at both farms and sites of historical interest. Maps will include the times of special events and tours at each location.

Free samples of produce, cooking tips, tours and activities for children will be offered throughout the tour.

The farm tour provides young and old a chance to have good, old-fashioned fun. Visitors can sample Easton’s bounteous agricultural products and at the same time support those who work hard to provide them.