Town considers locating cell tower near Elementary school

The newly elected First Selectman has indicated that he is considering locating a cell tower within less than half a mile of Samuel Staples Elementary School:

Citizens for Easton (CFE) is concerned over this development, as are many private citizens in town.

CFE is currently looking at alternatives that might provide the wireless coverage the town is seeking without introducing additional conventional cell towers. One such alternative is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). These systems are commonly used to provide wireless coverage in similar facilities.

CFE understands the need to provide for safety enhancing communications in town, especially at our schools. However we believe that there may be less invasive ways of implementing an effective system and that these alternatives have not been fully explored.

CFE is currently researching these options. We are in contact with technical experts and area municipalities who have experience with such solutions.

As always, CFE hopes to work constructively with all parties involved to find the best solution – one that will enhance safety and communications in our community while preserving the rural character and beauty that we all cherish.

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