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  1. Valerie Gillies

    I would like to help. Do you have meetings?

    • Hi Valerie:

      I know it’s old, but just saw your post, and i know Debbie Klein has been in touch with you.
      Meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the library. The public is invited to attend at 8 PM.
      We just sent out an insert in last Thursday’s Easton Courier on Saddle Ridge, and our Annual Membership Appeal will be snail mailed around December 1st.
      We would love to have you become more involved in whatever capacity suits you best.
      Thanks so much.

      Citizens for Easton

  2. John Tricarico

    Dear CFE,

    Regarding the debacle called Saddle Ridge, has anyone considered contacting the Nature Conservancy or the Paul Newman Foundation to see what they could come up with in terms of financing? Has anyone reached out to those involved to see “what their price is” to walk away? Everyone has a price.

    Thanks again,
    John Tricarico
    Wood End Drive

    • hi John:
      Sorry for the tardiness of our reply. we are not used to emailing through the website, but we always respond promptly to

      We have contacted the Newman Foundation, and the Nature Conservancy, and everyone seems to support the preservation of the watershed through preventing high density housing, but it has been a challenge to secure active participation.

      We welcome your ideas, and would encourage you to keep us informed.


      Citizens for Easton.

  3. Barbara Azpiri

    Looking forward to attending the Easton Farm Tour on August 12. Any chance of previewing the map and participating farms prior to the date? Or will it be the same as in the past – pick up the info at the green on the day? Can you tell me if Gilbertie’s is still doing the tours at 10:30 and 1:30? Don’t want to miss it! Thank you.

    • Hi Barbara,
      So glad you can come to the Citizens for Easton Farm Tour! Please note this year the new start location is not the Firehouse Green, but Samuel Staples Elementary School, 515 Morehouse Road, Easton. The map will be available there on the day of Farm Tour as in the past. Please bear with us as we finalized the details and keep an eye on the Easton Courier and this website for updates in advance of the Tour. Thank you for your interest and attendance!

  4. Christine Halloran would like to purchase one of your cookbooks. .Please contact her at

    Also, the town hall may be opening to the public on April 1. Perhaps you would like to leave a few books with us in the Town Clerk’s office to sell. Please let me know

    • Hi Joan:


      Right now, we are encouraging people to visit the farms and purchase them there. I could leave a few at Town Hall, but is it ok for you to collect the money for us?

      Please lmk.



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