Technical Experts Declare Saddle Ridge plan Unsuitable for Watershed

A number of interested parties, government agencies, and technical experts have submitted powerful letters in opposition to the proposed Saddle Ridge development plan.

In a letter of March 24th the Aquarion Water Company indicates that they continue to be in strong opposition to the planned development. Aquarion points out that the plan is inconsistent with state standards established to protect public watershed areas. Aquariony includes a quote from a ruling made by Superior Court Judge Cohn in a highly similar case in Ridgefield:

“Intensive development of the Saugatuck Watershed is contrary to State policy. The weight of evidence indicates that restricting the development of the Saugatuck Watershed lands is necessary for the protection of a substantial public interest. Protection of state water resources is not only consistent with, but also a focus of state laws. The protection of a source of public drinking water clearly outweighs the need for affordable housing. Intensive development of the Saugatuck Watershed poses more than a mere theoretical possibility of harm to the public drinking water”

Read the complete Aquarion letter here 

The Connecticut Department of Public Health raised similar issues in its letter of May 9th. It list numerous Drinking Water Supply concerns.
Read the complete Connecticut Department of Public Health letter here

Two technical experts were engaged to review the plans submitted to planning and zoning. These experts discovered numerous flaws and inconsistencies potentially impacting the plan’s effect on the public watershed. Letters submitted by these technical experts can be found below.
Letter from Environmental Planning Services
Letter from Trinkus Engineering

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