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We were just notified  that the Saddle Ridge Hearing previously scheduled for Friday November 22 will now be held on Thursday December 5, 2019 at 11 AM.

The venue remains the same.

We will post reminders that week, and we urge you to attend- let the Judge know that Easton’s citizens are concerned about the safety of our public drinking water and other health and safety issues!

Town of Easton Design Charette Saturday, November 16, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.

The Town of Easton is interested in getting your thoughts about a well-traveled roadway in the center of Town at the intersection of Sport Hill Road and Center/Banks Road. A study regarding pedestrian and bicyclist safety is being undertaken in this area between the Helen Keller Middle School and about ¼ mile to the north of Silverman’s Farm.

How can this roadway be safer and more enjoyable for all users – drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists?

Your input is valuable, and you are invited to attend our community design charette on Saturday, November 16 between 12:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. at the EMS Building. The format is informal so arrive anytime to share your ideas, concerns, and questions. Watch as designers work through various concepts of an improved roadway with your input. No expertise necessary! A wrap up event will begin after the charette at 1:30 p.m.


While we were successful in our appeal from the approval by Planning and Zoning of the latest Saddle Ridge application without prior approval by the Conservation Commission, we needed to take further action to strengthen the Court’s remedy and hopefully force an outright denial. 

The hearing on our motion to reargue is scheduled for Friday November 22 at 2 PM. Hartford Judicial District, 95 Washington St. Your presence will make an impact-Let’s demonstrate to the Judge that the citizens of Easton truly care about the safety of our public water supply.

Please contact us if you want to share a ride.

 We are hopeful that the court will dismiss completely the present application.

The motion to reargue has, of course, resulted in additional attorney’s fees. We would appreciate any contribution which you can make to our efforts in opposing Saddle Ridge. You can easily contribute by clicking the PayPal button on the left which also takes credit cards, or mail us a check to PO Box 151, Easton, CT  06612.

Thank you for your support!


Tryon’s 1777 Burning of Danbury & the Battle of Ridgefield

Tryon's Raid 1777


Please join us in the main conference room at the Easton Public Library on Morehouse Road in Easton on Sunday, October 27th at 4:00 PM for a presentation by Ed Hynes on the 1777 Raid on Danbury and the subsequent Battle of Ridgefield. April of 1777 saw the only British forces pass through what is today’s Easton on their way to capture the Continental Armies storehouses in Danbury. Learn about the march and the confrontations between the opposing forces. Admission is free, however donations to the Historical Society of Easton are most appreciated


PRESS RELEASE                                                                     OCTOBER 5, 2019

  The Connecticut State Superior Court in Hartford ruled Thursday that a cluster housing application known as Saddle Ridge, or Easton Crossing, be remanded back to Easton’s Planning and Zoning Commission because it failed to require an assessment by Easton’s Conservation Commission when it approved the application.

In the 32-page memorandum, the Court ruled that Easton’s Planning and Zoning Commission was in violation of various statutes when it approved the 2016 application for 30 single family homes and 18 duplexes. Consequently, the Court held Planning and Zoning must “refer the application to [Conservation] for consideration as discussed herein.”

The decision was a victory for Citizens for Easton, whose corollary organization, Coalition to Save Easton, has battled Saddle Ridge’s various cluster housing applications over the past decade. Those were not only in violation of Easton’s long-standing zoning laws, but if successful, would have posed an immediate threat to the public watershed.

In a statement, the CFE board said, “We thank the Court for its careful consideration of this vitally important matter, and are gratified that the court also agreed that P&Z had acted illegally when it approved the application without first requiring Saddle Ridge to make the required application to Conservation. Easton’s Conservation Commission is specifically charged to appraise any application’s impact on the watershed. We continue to believe this application, if successful, will have a profoundly deleterious effect on the public watershed. Moreover, it will set the precedent for other developments of this scale and impact.

“Since CFE and CSE first challenged this assault on the wetlands over a decade ago, we have maintained that any application which potentially threatens the wetlands is a matter of public health. Easton has a unique role in Fairfield County, as steward of a resource that serves over half a million people. We will continue to pursue an outcome consistent with that mandate.”

The Court, however, did not agree with CFE and CSE, that the septic systems as proposed by the developer would be in direct violation of Easton’s ordinance against community septic systems, referring to letters from Easton’s public health officer and director.

Therefore, the Court ruled that our appeal of the application “is remanded in part and denied in part.”

In a statement, the CFE board said, “We’re disappointed that the Court did not rule in our favor on this matter, but we continue to believe that the septic systems as proposed would be in direct violation of ordinance barring community septic systems.

Notwithstanding this victory, CFE has found it necessary to move to reargue two parts of the decision. First, we are asking that the court reconsider its decision that the septic systems as proposed do not violate the ordinance because the court, in ruling as it did, accepted the opinion of a state official which cannot override the town ordinance. Second, we are asking that the court reconsider its instruction to have P&Z refer the application to Conservation because we believe that the court should have just granted our appeal.

“Once again, to restate our position, which has not wavered since we first took up this fight: This application seeks to overturn any number of long standing measures that were put in place to preserve the watershed and the reservoirs. It has sought to undercut those by throwing smokescreens over them, with intent to confuse and obfuscate. Their proposed multi-dwelling septic system proposals are but one example. Easton’s Planning & Zoning Commission regrettably has been duped. CFE/CSE has not. We will continue to pursue this matter as well. “




2019 Radio Interview

Citizens for Easton’s Vice-President William Kupinse and Lucas  Carreno – Co-owner of J&L Orchids were interviewed on the award-winning ‘For the People’, produced by John Voket!

Thank you John and all participating radio stations for the feature/mention!

Make sure to mark your calendars for the CFE Farm Tour Aug 10th 10am-2pm!

Please click on the link below to hear the interview.

Interview regarding the farm tour concludes at time stamp 21:35