Final Public Hearing on Saddle Ridge

Hi All:

It is anticipated that the final public hearing on the 99 unit Saddle Ridge application will take place Monday, June 13, 8 PM at the HKMS media center.

If you remember, at the last IWC meeting, pursuant to a request by IWC, after consultation with his client, Attorney Ranelli agreed to extend the public hearing until June 13th. All parties had a “gentlemen’s agreement” that all new documents be submitted by May 31.

Ranelli submitted a new set of documents on Thursday afternoon, June 9.

We encourage everyone who would like to comment on this application to write to the Commission by June 13th, or alternatively, to attend the meeting and voice your comments.

Krista Kot is the Conservation Commission Secretary. Her email is

Remember this is the Conservation Commission, so all comments should address concerns relating to the wetlands, watercourses, and public drinking water supply.

I had previously attached letters from our experts responding to the rebuttals of their reports by the developer’s engineer.

If you would like copies of these or any additional documents please let me know. They are all part of the public record.

Thank you for your support


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