Easton Farm Tour draws well over 400 visitors

This year’s Easton Farm tour was another hit with over 440 participants signing in at the information booth to tour Easton’s Farms and Farm stands. Thank you to everyone who came! We were happy for the opportunity to show you what our town offers in the way of sustainable local agriculture. We don’t think any other town in Fairfield County offers as much as Easton does in the way of farms and farm stands.

And a big thank you goes 0ut to those who worked to make the event such a success! Without our dedicated volunteers this event could never have happened.

Most of all, thank you to the farmers in Easton who continue to till the  land and bring forth  healthful bounties of locally produced agricultural products. We consider ourselves truly blessed to live in a town when it is possible to drive, bike, or walk down the road and purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables that come straight from a neighbor’s field to our tables within hours of picking.

Thank you all, and remember: Easton *is* a Farmer’s Market – you don’t have to wait for the Farm Tour to visit our farms and get fresh goods straight from the earth! Come anytime! Our farms and farmers will be waiting for you, and won’t disappoint you!

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