Leaders have responsibility to preserve Easton

By Easton Courier on July 21, 2015

To the Editor:
Can’t remember who said it or when it appeared, but the sentiment that “Easton already has plenty of open space,” was expressed as justification for developing the property on South Park Avenue.  Left me breathless.
Easton’s open spaces, along with our farms, are touted as the town’s defining feature.  Our water bodies serve the drinking water needs of the region; our forests furnish fresh air and wildlife habitat.  It has been a combination of serendipity, vigilance, hard work, and perseverance that have kept those water bodies secure and the forests intact.
There is no question that posterity will struggle with the repercussions of this generation’s undervaluation of the importance of Earth’s natural systems, but over four decades, Easton’s citizens have done their part to protect those systems.
I hope our leaders recognize their responsibility in continuing in that vein.  Thank you to Laura Modlin for her excellent pieces on “Preserving Easton” and her timely reminder of the grassroots effort required to protect the beauty and natural resources so enjoyed, admired, and valued in our town.
Lea Sylvestro

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