Water Advocates Mark World Water Day – March 22

Today, March 22,  is World Water Day. As noted in an article in the Redding Pilot, an alliance of statewide organizations and watershed associations is calling on lawmakers to safeguard Connecticut’s water resources. “Connecticut has had tremendous victories in protecting drinking water and restoring rivers, but at the same time, there are ongoing threats to the quality and quantity of our water,” said Karen Burnaska, water projects coordinator for CFE/Save the Sound.
CFE asks you to help commemorate World Water Day this week by contacting the legislators listed below to modify the affordable housing statute 8-30g to help protect our public drinking water supply watershed lands by inserting the text which is shown below in bold and italics in Subsection Subsection (g)(2)(A):
“Upon an appeal taken under subsection (f) of this section, the burden shall be on the commission to prove, based upon the evidence in the record compiled before such commission, that the decision from which such appeal is taken and the reasons cited for such decision are supported by sufficient evidence in the record. The commission shall also have the burden to prove, based upon the evidence in the record compiled before such commission, that (1) (A) the decision is necessary to protect substantial public interests in health, safety or other matters which the commission may legally consider; (B) such public interests clearly outweigh the need for affordable housing; and (C) such public interests cannot be protected by reasonable changes to the affordable housing development, or (2) (A) (A): …the application which was the subject of the decision from which such appeal was taken would locate affordable housing in an area which is zoned for industrial use and which does not permit residential uses; or is located in the watershed of a public drinking water supply reservoir; …”
Rep. Larry Butler: Larry.Butler@cga.ct.gov (860-240-8585)
Sen. Gayle Slossberg: http://www.senatedems.ct.gov/slossberg-contact (860-240-0482)
Sen. Tony Hwang: Tony.Hwang@cga.ct.gov (1-800-842-1421)
Rep. Kim Rose: Kim.Rose@cga.ct.gov (860-240-8585)
Sen. Catherine A. Osten: Catherine.Osten@cga.ct.gov (860-240-0579)
Sen. Kevin C. Kelly: Kevin.Kelly@cga.ct.gov (1-800-842-1421)
Rep. Brenda Kupchick: Brenda.Kupchick@cga.ct.gov (860-240-8700)
Watersheds continue to be threatened by development interests; this amendment would help protect this precious resource!

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