Our effort to protect the watershed, along with Easton’s historic mandate to protect it, has reached a critical point.  Still the battle is not over and we need your financial support.”

On September 8, 2015, Hartford Superior Court Judge Marshall K. Berger heard the Saddle Ridge appeal to build nearly one hundred “townhouses” on 110.5 acres on watershed land.

Should this appeal succeed, it will come to represent the highest density of housing in Easton’s history, demolishing longstanding zoning regulations that have been in place for over seventy years.

Of far greater significance, a successful appeal means that the watershed which has served greater Fairfield county for a century will be subject to the predation of those who seek short term financial gain at the expense of those who depend on a clean, sustainable supply of water for generations to come.

With your help, CFE has successfully opposed this development.

We’ve done this because of YOU.

You’ve heard the reasons because you know exactly what the stakes are.

You know this development would pollute wetlands and the many watercourses that drain directly into two major reservoirs — the Easton and the Aspetuck — that serve over half a million people in Fairfield county.

You know this proposed development would set a precedent for other high density housing developments.

You know this would be the beginning of a long and perilous slide — an irreversible slide.

During the Sept. 8 trial, Ira Boom, Attorney for Easton, and CFE’s attorney, Janet Brooks, relied heavily on testimony provided by the experts engaged by CFE/CSE. The good news is that both Ms. Brooks and Mr. Bloom mounted a strong, vigorous defense of our argument — YOUR argument.

You have been with us on this long and difficult process for five years. You have supported our efforts. You have contributed your thoughts. You have contributed your energy. You have also contributed your financial support. And we at CFE are asking for continued support — moral, emotional and financial. Please continue to give what you can of any those, mindful of the fact that this is not over yet.

We have now arrived at the final hurdle. We have an attorney, Ms. Brooks, who has been absolutely essential in getting us to this point. We’re lucky to have her, and we need her to clear that final hurdle.  We’re getting close to the end. But we’re not there yet. Please consider a donation to CFE/CSE today.

This is about the future of the watershed. This is also about the future of Easton. Future generations are depending on us to make the right decision right now.

We have so far.

You can pay via PayPal using this link

Or mail a check payable to CFE/CSE, PO Box 151, Easton, CT  06612.

Without your support, this development would already have been a reality.

Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Citizens for Easton is a registered 501 (c) (3) organization.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Board of Citizens For Easton

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