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I Favor Easton

As an Easton taxpayer, I feel privileged to be among the custodians of a precious gem of 21st century New England: our rural oasis from strip-mall sprawl. My mate and I bought our home here three years ago with great admiration for our new neighbors and predecessors who have had the fortitude to preserve Easton’s rural character.

In the Pennsylvania farm town where I grew up, my siblings and I loved bicycling the 2 miles along our “Sport Hill Road” past cornfields to the village store, and my mother endured a 30-minute drive to Delaware for grocery shopping. Today, three decades later, my parents battle traffic to drive within 3 miles to any one of 6 supermarkets, 8 mega pharmacies, 7 gas stations, and 17 car dealerships. The road is too busy for kids on bikes, the old village store is a bustling bistro, and, with the acres of nearby farms and woods gone, you can hear distant highway traffic from the back yard.

The business district that has been proposed here might seem a “sleepy” or “low-key” project. But changing town zoning regulations to allow commercial expansion in Easton would betray the vision of our forebears and corrode our legacy. In under a decade we would have dismissed the thoughtful 2006 Easton Town Plan of Conservation and Development that townspeople spent five years composing.

Some are under the impression that new mom & pop shops would reduce homeowners’ tax burdens. Citizens For Easton has already debunked that myth; their data show that the opposite could occur (see

Based on the Easton Courier’s recent reports, others support a business district because the developer is well intentioned. Perhaps he is. But the decision about a zoning amendment should be based not on his character, but on our town’s, which could be changed forever. No matter how architecturally charming, there is abundant evidence in our county and across the country that there would be no turning back after our first shopping center is installed.

If you share my concern, voice your opinion to the Planning & Zoning Board at the town meeting at Helen Keller Middle School on Wednesday, May 29 at 7:30 p.m.

Adrienne Jane Burke-291 North Park Avenue-Easton

Save the Date: 5th Annual Easton Farm Tour

Save the Date! Join us for the 5th Annual Easton Farm Tour – Saturday, August 10, from 10am to 3pm. This celebration of Easton, a local farming community within Fairfield County CT, is a self-guided tour of Easton farms. This event begins at the Easton Firehouse Green, One Center Road, Easton, Connecticut. Meet us here to check in and pick up a map and pass to events and incentives offered by farmers and community organizations at the different locations throughout day.

This year we invite you to consider the Easton Firehouse Green as your home base throughout your tour. On the Green you can enjoy food, music and family entertainment. Skinny Pines – an Easton-based purveyor of wood-fired pizzas –will be on site with their mobile wood-fired oven selling pizza, Dan Tressler’s String Fingers band — one of our most talented Easton musicians — performing live music, and the Easton Community Center will be on hand with some old time fun and games for the entire family. “This day will capture the essence of days long gone with the simple enjoyment of a small town, a few farms and wholesome family time” said Lori Cochran -Dougall, co-chair of the Easton Farm Tour.

Save the date! Check back for details!

4th Annual Easton Farm Tour

Mark your calendars – the 4th Annual Easton Farm Tour is happening on Saturday, August 11th, 2012.

We have some added surprises this year so check back for details!

It’s Easton Farm Tour time again!

That’s right, the 3rd Annual Easton Farm Tour is less than a week away! Families from all over Fairfield County will be descending on Easton again to explore and enjoy the natural bounties offered by our local farms and farm stands.

Come to the Easton Farm Tour this Saturday, August 13, from 10 AM to 2 PM. Fun for the whole family! See where real food comes from. Show up on the Easton Firehouse Green any time between 10 am and 2pm and pick up a map for this self-guided tour.

For more information visit our Farm Tour page or send email to

“Edible Nutmeg” magazine includes article on Easton Ag Committee

The Spring 2011, Number 19, issue of “Edible Nutmeg” has an article on the Easton Agricultural Committee. Note that since this article was penned the committee has become a commission.

Easton’s Annual Farm Tour set for 13 August 2011

Save the date! Easton’s Annual Farm Tour is happening again on Saturday the 13th of August, 2011. Learn about the wonderful farms and farm stands that make Easton the “greenbasket” of Fairfield County! Other towns have farmer’s markets. Easton *is* A Farmer’s Market! Learn more on the Farm Tour page.

Easton has an Agricultural Commission!

Last night a proposal to make Easton’s Agricultural Committee a commission was  passed at the annual town meeting. Congratulations to those who have worked long and hard to make this happen!

Easton Town Meeting to vote on Agricultural Commision

At the annual town meeting  this Monday Easton will vote to determine if the current Easton Agricultural Committee will become a commission. CFE sees this as a big step forward in showing support for local agriculture and farmers. Please be there to make your voice heard!